Penguin – Awesome

First of all, I should start out with a confession – I think I would buy any book about penguins for Weasel, or for myself for that matter. So this might be a slightly skewed review of Polly Dunbar’s book simply entitled Penguin and it might not be quite so appealing to you if you aren’t a little bit obsessed with the smelly little monochrome creatures. But look at those big eyes on the cover. Who wouldn’t want to pick this off the shelf?


Our first encounter of the book was when a friend’s son brought home a copy from nursery before Weasel was born (ooh, I thought, must be all educational –  little did I know at the time that nurseries are mostly giant germ-infested play pits rather than somewhere for your kid to be actively taught) and it went on her Amazon wish list. Bought when she was a little on the young side (about 2 months old), this book has proved to be a keeper over the past 2&1/2 years and still gets asked for at bedtime to this day.

It’s definitely one I’d recommend. I just wish Weasel would understand the irony of shouting loudly about how funny it is that the boy is being eaten by a lion for being too noisy. But even if she doesn’t get the hint, it’s still a fun book to read, full of noises and movements to make.



  1. I LOVE Penguin!

  2. oddboyonline · · Reply

    …as do I!

    1. I just went to see what else she’s written though – Tilly and Friends – possibly the blandest thing on telly. Guess no one is perfect.

      1. We were disappointed with Tilly too, even with the voice talents of Paul “Peso” Panting…

      2. That’s Peso?! You know waaay too much.

      3. It was driving me mad cause I recognised the voice,,,then it clicked!

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