I can’t remember the episode with Kirk covered in yoghurt, but this is what it would have looked like…

Any excuse to dress up Weasel and Baby Sister and I will take it, much to Husband’s dismay. So, Baby Sister needs food? Amazing, bib shopping we go! After the discovery that most bibs suck and are of the ‘I’m daddy’s favorite princess cupcake girl’ variety, I turned to Folksy. If you don’t know, Folksy rocks and is the slightly smaller version of the US Etsy.

What magical treats did I find?

IMG_7221 (1)

Oh yes, these make me happy. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen the Star Trek invasion of the yoghurt episode, but it would look something like this:


I shall spare you the ‘Go Home Captain, You’re Drunk’ photo that Husband put on Facebook, not pretty stuff.


Between £3 and about £7, you can find some awesome bibs on there. These puppies were £5 with P&P. They wash beautifully, are thick enough to stop the vast amounts of water she dumps on herself getting through and dry quickly. And most importantly, look kick-ass.


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