Tomato & Tortellini Soup – Not a Great Hit With Weasel, Tasty Nonetheless

So once again I attempted to combine some of Weasel’s favourite foods, tinned tomato soup and cheese-filled pasta, to make a lunch she’d get excited about, or at least tolerate,  on her 3rd birthday. Did she try it? Not really, unless one bite that she tried to spit out counts. Still, it was tasty and easy, and something she might eat when in a better mood.

Ingredients (to feed 3 adults and 2 toddlers): 2 tins of condensed tomato soup (as instructed in the recipe I was following), 1 tin of Heinz tomato soup (the one Weasel usually has, so maybe it wouldn’t taste too different for her), a splash of olive oil, a splash of Worcestershire sauce, 2 veg stock cubes (I didn’t have the chicken cubes that the recipe called for), about a tbsp of chives, about a tbsp of oregano, about a tbsp of parsley, salt, pepper, 100ml of crème fraiche, 1 pack of cheese-filled tortellini, about a pint of boiling water and parmesan shavings to top it off. You’ll note that there is garlic in the photo. I got very lazy and didn’t put it in in the end. If you’d like a real recipe for it, click here for a link to it on the Key Ingredient site.


I combined all but the pasta, cream and cheese in a pan and boiled for 10 minutes on low. I then added the pasta for another 10 minutes. I turned off the heat, stirred in the crème fraiche and sprinkled cheese on at the table. For the Ninja, I scooped out the pasta so it just had a little sauce to try to save on mess. She of course ended up coated head to toe. Weasel ate only the bread I served with it, but did try another bite (and liked it) when I reheated her bowl for my breakfast the following morning. It was so tasty, I only managed to get a slightly-blurry photo of the Hello Kitty bowl-full the next dark morning. And I think it was tastier the next day, although attempts to eat it with someone’s Hello Kitty spoon for full effect were thwarted by the spoon’s owner. This one is definitely recommended and we’ll be having another go at it with a less sugar-high, cake-filled child.



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