Testing Out a New Zucchini Bread Recipe on Weasel

Weasel has never been keen on zucchini/courgette bread, due to my recipe also containing applesauce as the substitute for the fat. But with a pile of courgettes in the fridge starting to look a little sad, I thought I’d go on a hunt for one without this healthy option. As she wanted to bake with me, I kept calling it zucchini cake (she has no idea what a zucchini is) and got out some paints to distract her when the name-sake ingredient needed to be grated in. Sneaky mummy time.

The ingredients to be grated and popped in whilst Weasel was out of the room:


I picked up this recipe from over at Rumbly in my Tummy, and only slightly altered it. Here’s my version.


3 cups plain flour

1 pinch of salt

1  tbsp baking powder

The rest of the jar of cinnamon (about 1 tbsp I reckon)

3 medium eggs

2 tbsp vanilla

2 cups grated courgettes (I skinned them to keep up the sneakiness)

She said to add 1/2 tsp of cloves but they were left out since I didn’t have any, I substituted 1 cup of Truvia for the 2 cups of sugar and I only had 1/3 cup left of veggie oil, so added 2/3 a cup of Trex/Crisco in addition. I also didn’t add walnuts because of the choking hazard with the Ninja, but I can see they’d be much tastier with.

Really simply I just mixed these all together (in a free-standing mixer because I am lazy), poured into 1 bread loaf tin and 6 muffin cases and baked for 45 minutes at 165c.


Verdict: Weasel loved the ‘cupcakes’ yesterday, but eyed me with suspicion when I offered them up for breakfast today (my cover might be blown that they’re healthy). The Ninja enjoyed crumbling them everywhere and not eating one bit, but then she’s not a big fan of cake weirdly. I would prefer them with nuts I think to give texture and Husband, if he were around, I suspect wouldn’t touch them with a bargepole.





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