Tasty Blue Cheese Meatballs

Blue cheese in a meatball, what could be more amazing than that combination? Weasel loves blue cheese, so I was banking on them being a hit. Hmmm.

I used a combination of two recipes from All Recipes and from Cooking for Keeps, because I didn’t have all the ingredients for either. And stuff the raspberry balsamic glaze, I just used the kick-ass honey mustard dipping sauce that Husband brought back from a recent trip to the States. Seriously, this stuff tastes good on anything, fish fingers/sticks being a particularly awesome taste discovery.

IMG_1377My Ingredients: One pack of pork mince (I didn’t have turkey or Italian sausage mince in my freezer, sorry, but I did have some rarely bought pork mince that had been on a 2-fer deal), 1 small onion (chopped badly, finely would be more ideal), about 200g of Stilton, a good splash of Worcestershire sauce, 3 slices of normal white sliced bread post-blender-blitz, 1 tbsp dried parsely, 1/2 cup of milk, a good splash of soy sauce. I had been planning on putting in some garlic, which I would do next time, but I was feeling especially lazy and was out of lazy garlic powder or jars of the minced stuff.

I took all these things and gave them a good mush in a bowl – therapeutic, but I’d advise doing it with less cold meat, brrrr!


Then you make it into balls, which it made about 20 of, pop it on a foil-covered baking tray, splash with a little veggie oil and bake for 25 minutes-ish at 190c/375f. I served it with roasted carrots and butternut squash that went into the oven just before the meatballs. The lovely spinach was just for me as I cannot imagine the tantrum if that touched Weasel’s plate. They’re a bit rough looking, but then again, so is most of my cooking.


The Kids’ Verdict: Weasel said they were tasty, but refused to eat them. The Ninja, after initially going for the much-loved veg,  stuffed her face silly whilst babbling away. Husband and I thought they were awesome.



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