Creating a Lollypop Spider Army for a Halloween Party (or in this case, Weasel’s Birthday)

It’s good having 2 kids born within 2 weeks of Halloween. Ok, so you don’t get comparatively bargainous garden barbecue birthdays, but you do always have a handy theme if needed and the shops are full of costumes for fancy dress.

This year Weasel wanted a Meg & Mog themed birthday, and for those of you not in the know, it’s a series of books about witches, an owl and a cat. Great timing and plenty of décor about in the shops. After having bought and made quite a lot of décor, I managed to sadly leave the bag behind at home, but thankfully my chocolate lollypop spider army did make it to the venue. Will be needing a repeat party next year just to use up all the stuff sitting in the forgotten canvas bag.

Spider lollies are the easiest craft ever. Here’s the link to the original blog I found them on, but you pretty much just wrap the cleaners around the stick once.  Weasel could even help with sticking the eyes on (only to be slightly repositioned after by me) and picking out pipe cleaner colour combos. All you need is 4 pipe cleaners per spider, a paid of sticky googly eyes and your choice of lollypop. We went for M&S chocolate ones because Weasel is even fussy about her sweets. Cheap, the kids love them and they can keep the spider (if not coated in a gooey, chocolatey layer) to take with them.

IMG_1329 (1)




  1. These are fab! You should serve them up with some devilled eyeball eggs too 😉

    1. Those look tasty, hadn’t thought of devilled egg eyeballs before, will have to give it a go!

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