Prawn & Cod Thai Salad – An Unexpected Hit with the Kids

After a rough, long, drawn-out, sweltering Wednesday, I expected dinner to end up in a whingy, crying mess too. I thought maybe one way of mitigating the disaster was to send Weasel to the newly-stocked fridge to chose a main ingredient. Unexpectedly, she chose the cod loin. My sun-drenched brain was totally unable to remember why I put it on the online order 3 days previously, so scoured cookbooks for some inspiration. Given the heat, a stew was sort of out of the question. As my cookbooks failed me, I decided to check out the recipes on that may have inspired me to order the random half cucumber for example, and found a Thai Hot Prawn and Noodle Salad recipe (original recipe in link). The kiddos could eat prawns and noodles until the cows come home and it sounded like something I might be able to add cod to too.


photo 2




2 cod loins (that’s a normal pack from the supermarket)

Half a cucumber cut into strips with any of the seedy watery bits cut out

4 spring onions, sliced on the diagonal, or really tiny if you’re trying to hide them from children

a bunch of chopped coriander

2 limes

2 tbsp Thai fish sauce (smelly, but well worth it in the finished dish)

2 tsp caster sugar

200g (or whatever one large pack is) of big prawns, with all tails and shells removed

250g of egg noodles


1) Cook noodles, drain, set aside.

2) Mix sugar, lime juice and fish sauce in a bowl.

3) Fry prawns and cod (in big chunks) in a wok in some vegi oil. After a couple of minutes add spring onions and dressing. After another minute add the noodles and stir fry for a minute or so.

4) Remove from heat. In a cold bowl mix cucumbers, coriander and noodle/seafood mix.

Weasels Verdict: I really did expect a right fight over this one with Weasel. I had the nerve to put something green on her plate and how dare I add flavour to her fish. But it turns out she really enjoyed it, phew. No chance of a cucumber passing her lips, but I’m sure an odd bit of coriander did. Her little sister wolfed it down as per usual.

I’d definitely make it again and recommend it. It’s a tasty, healthy meal that could be made cheaper by taking away the slightly indulgent cod loin. The original recipe calls for a spicier version (which we tried to add to ours in the form of some red chillis which turned out to be so mild that they wouldn’t have even been noticed by Weasel) and a crunchier version (bean sprouts). Now if Ocado could deliver me bean sprouts that don’t go off within 12 hours of delivery, I might one day get the joy of the crunchy version. For now, this will do me just fine.


photo 1


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