Spaghetti Fun – More Things to Blame on Pinterest

Looking for something to keep Weasel and the Ninja busy for half an hour, and stop them from begging to watch telly (I’m starting to feel it was a bit of a mistake introducing them to Dora the Explorer this week, but more on that later), I thought I’d break out my kids stuff board on Pinterest and come up with something messy to be done on the patio (i.e. far away from the tv). I found spaghetti art – fun and cheap! You also get the joy of seeing the crazy paving we discovered that was lurking beneath 20 years of grime on our new patio. To be covered up/replaced/destroyed as soon as finances and schedules allow.

photo 1

This project did require a trip to the shop to buy some cheap pasta and some cheap food colourings. I’m pretty sure the other blogger did a lot more sensory stuff than we did, and used normal paint, but the Ninja has a bit of a short attention span and an enormous appetite, so food colouring and half an hour on the patio was sufficient for us. Strangely it ended up being Weasel who kept eating the sticky stuff.

photo 2

Weasel is super keen on making art (you could describe her as a ‘prolific artist’ churning out mountains of ‘art’), so I decided to get out some printer paper and pva/Elmer’s glue to make some use of our coloured pasta.

photo 3

Kids’ Verdict: The Ninja (aged 1.5) loved dying the pasta in little bowls but mostly wanted to mess around with the paper and tread on all of our ‘art’, Weasel had a lost more fun, although some of her spaghetti mountains had to be tamed. Less is more is definitely a lesson she could do with learning! I’m sort of dreading in 10 years time when the makeup starts getting piled on if she still hasn’t shifted her habit of layering.

The Ninja enjoyed trying to get the bottles of food colouring open

photo 4

Mum’s Verdict: I was happy to get the kids doing something creative and outside before the drizzle set in, and this was a cheap and fun option. We used angel hair pasta and linguine to try and give different shapes, but I think if I were to do it again I’d get more of a variety. Also, in remembering what I’ve just been complaining about Weasel doing, I must learn less is more. We did not need to boil up a whole kilo of pasta, a little bit out of a few different packs would have been nicer and less wasteful. Colour wise, we heavily diluted the food colouring in plastic bowls with water, but the only one that was really vibrant was the pink. I might try different colours next time, since the blue and green were pale and the yellow just looked like egg pasta. Maybe reds and purples would do better. Weasel would have kept playing for hours I suspect, churning out tons of her artworks, but not the Ninja. I suspect she would have enjoyed more tactile activities with the pasta. Will know for next time…

Fruits of our labour- Middle one done by me, the Ninja’s on the right, Weasel’s is the one on the left and about 6 more out of shot

photo 5



  1. Elizabeth · · Reply

    Brilliant….I did this in the kitchen once….bad idea spaghetti went everywhere…try using the gel food colouring from cake shops as the colour comes out much more vibrantly and the tubs last years!!!

    1. That’s a great idea, will try gels next time. I had images of finding spaghetti all over the house, opting for outside was probably a good choice then!

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