The Lego Movie with a Toddler

With Weasel’s uncle visiting, Husband had an excuse to take a Friday off and all head off to the cinema to see the Lego Movie. I’m pretty sure the three of us were looking forward to it more than Weasel was; she would have probably have preferred to go see the Tinker Bell film again I suspect. She was also a little angry with me for not getting her the kids’ combo this time after she only ate the Smarties last week. Oops for precedent setting.


Weasel’s Verdict: Obviously The Lego Movie is not aimed at toddlers, but she still enjoyed herself and sat entranced for most of the film. The nostalgia would have passed her by, unlike her uncle who was nearly pissing himself with laughter nearby with the sight of his childhood spaceman and memories of his constant battle with his brother and his obsession with instruction manuals (which he still reads, even for things like the toaster). She didn’t laugh at a lot of the jokes, but she enjoyed the singing, dancing and the plot, so fair enough. Frightened by a few of the fighting scenes (pretty damn mild ones, but she is young), she did end up of Husband’s lap towards the end. She says she enjoyed it as much as the Tinker Bell film seen last week, which is endorsement indeed.

Our Verdict: Wet-Yourself-Funny. I’m certain we lol’ed more than most of the kids, so this is definitely one to go to whether you have kids of not. There’s nostalgia without being cheesy and film references aplenty, although the ending was a bit naff for my liking. Dear film makers, not everything has to be spelled out so obviously, we can guess the deeper meaning, thanks. Still rocked though.


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