Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy and Lots of Popcorn

With our newly found freedom to go to the cinema again, Weasel and I headed off post-gymnastics on Friday to see the new Tinker Bell film, Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy on opening day. My choice would have been the new Lego film, but Husband would be none too pleased if we saw that before him.


What I was looking forward to: popcorn. Here’s Weasel with her Odeon kids meal deal – popcorn, the cutest water bottle ever, Smarties, a Lego toy (age 6+, hmmm.) and the best part, the carrying case. She had about 3 bites of popcorn and ate the Smarties. Maybe not worth what I thought was a bargain at £3.25.


Expectantly waiting for the film to start. Thankfully there were only 10 minutes of film previews and no adverts, since I wouldn’t have been able to sit through ‘when is it going to start mummy?!’ for 45 minutes.


General Plot: Zarina, the fairy and friend of Tinker Bell, likes to question why things happen and the other fairies don’t get her. She becomes a pirate. Lots of pirating ensues and her previously misunderstanding friends come to save her. Combining pirates and fairies, this is pretty much the perfect Weasel film.

Weasel’s Verdict: Everything was amazing. She loves all the fairies and Rose (the ditziest of course) was her favourite. This is possibly based on her wearing a dress that was closest to being pink rather than some kind of deep meaningful connection with the character. Being into witches and magic, she was pleased that the fairies all had super powers too.

And for you who has to pay and sit through it: It’s not a film where you’re going to get jokes aimed at parents; this film is definitely made for the kids. And it will make your kid happy. In terms of role models, the fairies work proper jobs, fix stuff, plan things and do less talking about their hair and clothes than I was expecting. And there was no hint of any romance or longing after any boy fairies thankfully. So I’m much more comfortable taking Weasel to see it than I was expecting. You will feel a little like you’re watching a film on tv but without the added bonus of getting to go fold the laundry when you get bored. But there’s popcorn and a happy kid, so result.


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