Attempt 732 to Get Weasel to Recognise the Alphabet

Let’s start off with the admission that I have zero patience; not that this is any kind of revelation to those who know me personally. These kids are born, why can’t they bloody well read straight away?! What do you mean they can’t understand basic mathematics? How can they not see the difference between green and blue? Argh my mind boggles. Before anyone starts telling me about the the hundreds of physiological reasons, I know them, but I still can’t grasp it. So, Weasel can sing her ABC’s, and excluding the great single letter of l-m-n-o, she pretty much gets what they are and understands that some words start with those sounds. But she still only has about a 50% success rate when asked which letter one is.  I’m going mad that she can’t pick up The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas, or some other great classic work of literature like that, and read it to herself.


So off I go buying random things to help in this seemingly never-ending process. This attempt is a placemat with the alphabet on it, bought off Amazon for a fiver. Weasel loves it, and randomly points at pictures, says another random unrelated letter, and says ‘yay, that starts with ‘x’!’. Um, no, it doesn’t actually. But at least she’s enjoying it and enjoying constantly whining about her sister ‘being about to touch the apple!’, which is obviously the end of the world and further proof that someone has yet to work out the length of arms of a 14 month old.




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