Garden Centres – Cakes, ‘Puppies’ and Potted-Plants

Slightly rainy Saturday? Too chicken to brave a softplay on a drizzled weekend? Out of fish food/greeting cards/Shih Tzu calendars/random sweets in jars/shit you never knew you wanted? Excellent, garden centre it is then.

We did genuinely need fish food and a 2014 calendar (on sale for 50p, whoop whoop!), so the garden centre with a Maidenhead Aquatics , Woking Garden Centre, was our destination. In serious need of coffee now that octo-baby has turned into walking, talking octo-toddler, thus sapping every last ounce of energy from her poor beleaguered  parents, we decided to check out the cafe for the first time. Usually put off garden centre cafes, we were pleasantly surprised when we walked in. Proper espresso machine, some interesting food options and more cake than I could ever have imagined (and I can imagine a lot of cake), make this one we might repeat visit.IMG_2986

Husband enjoyed some caramel apple cake, I devoured a scone the size of my head (it was a monster amongst its batch-mates too, was half wondering if they were going to charge me extra for ginormo-scone when I got to the till) and Weasel had the best thing ever, cornflake cake with stars on top! You cannot beat that. She did eat it one flake at a time, so I was grateful it was small. The Ninja decided now was the time for a nap and missed out on all the cakey fun.



After the cake-fest, the free zoo is always a crowd pleaser. Weasel picked out some new puppies (i.e. guppies, too cute to correct) to fill our post-move very quiet tank and a new feathery purple plant (which I said yes too mostly because I new Husband would hate it but not be able to refuse). And best of all, Weasel got a flower for her room. Having the biggest bedroom with the most sunlight in the house, I figured it was a waste not to have a plant on the window sill. What I hadn’t realised was the immense amount of joy this would bring her.

Here’s her excitedly bringing home her new plant. Let’s hope it lasts.


Verdict: Good cafe, lots of tables, couple of high chairs and kids options. We didn’t venture to the toilets, but they did exist apparently with baby changing facilities. Fish shop was a little crowded, so if going for browsing, probably best to go on a weekday. There’s even a coin operated fish food dispenser outside for the pond fish if you want.


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