Pizza Making the Cheating Way

I’m pretty sure we did pizza making before with Weasel, but it was the make your own, get sophisticated ingredients and watch a toddler cry and choose bed over eating dinner sort of pizza making experience. This time was a lot less planned and a lot more child friendly as it involved a lot less veg and a lot more hot dogs and cheese.

Rather than attempting to make my own dough on a random weekday for lunch, I thought we could try out some Jus-Rol pre-made pizza dough. It came with a jar of passata, but Weasel and I both prefer a white pizza, so that will sit in the cupboard until it goes off in 5 years’ time.


True to the name, I did have to roll it. Peeling it off the roll didn’t go so well. Conclusion – this sucks to roll out. I mostly beat it with a stick and then pushed it out into a vaguely pizza shape. IMG_2646

Weasel did attempt to help with her own. She guaranteed it was her own by somehow making it gritty. Ewww.


Giving up on any principle of vegetable promotion, Weasel mostly added cheese (Stilton and Brie, deciding that the mozzarella I got out was gross) and sliced hot dogs. After the gritty discovery, and a good hand washing, I let her make her sister’s (the Ninja slept through this, probably for the best really given her cooking track-record) which got some tomatoes on it for good measure.

I’m going to blame the product for the shape instead of my rolling skills here.


In addition, I’ve also learned that making pizza on baking paper, as instructed on the package, is stupid. Trying to be good and follow instructions ended in the fun of picking off the paper for all 3 pizzas:


Mine looks vaguely healthier. Look, some green!

IMG_2656Because according to Weasel, all food should be eaten with a knife and fork.


Conclusion: Weasel loved it, but only ate the topping. She was very confused as to why a man wasn’t bringing it to our door. The Ninja, once she eventually decided to grace us with her presence, ate some of the bready bits and threw the topping at the window. I actually really enjoyed mine, adding some caramelised onions after the picking out paper process, and a little spinachy side salad thing. It genuinely tasted of tasty pizza despite forgetting to time it or check the temperature of the oven. I think we’ll make it again, I’ll just be more prepared for the rolling, not use the stupid paper suggested and buy 2 packs so Husband can join in on the fun (and make some use of the sauce).


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