Frozen and the Exciting New Ability to go to the Cinema Again!

We’re not actually frozen here in deepest darkest Surrey. Thanks to our amazing new windows and most of my family in the US being pummelled by an icy Arctic Vortex instead, it’s just typically Englishy rainy mostly-grey wishy-washy weather in these parts. What we do have is the amazing new ability to abandon the baby (well, toddler really) to nursery for a day a week, to do more Weasel-Mummy bonding, including cinema trips. Our first? We went off to see the new Disney film Frozen, in 2D since I didn’t want to face the prospect of glasses rejection tantrum. We even went on opening day, by total coincidence, but we can pretend we’re just that amazing on purpose if she ever asks.

Weasel hasn’t seen a lot of princessy, musical, Disney stuff. We’ve tried to avoid the whole ‘I want to be rescued by a prince’ thing. Thankfully what she mostly got out of this film, which I am very grateful for the slightly alternative ending, was to bloody well be nice to her sister even if she is a total cow. And magic is cool. And I’m cool with all that I think.

Due to total lack of foresight, no photo of Weasel in front of a poster or something, so here’s our homemade version. She now thinks I’m an awesome mummy for printing out this random poster for her.


What did Weasel say about the film? Exclusive interview time…

What was your favourite bit? “The 2 fairies” (she means the princess sisters). “The little one is best. I like the reindeer too. He had sparkly dingle dangle on his head in the tree with lights” (here she would be meaning the icicles).

Was it scary at all? “At 1st it was very scary, then I watched it and it was good. I didn’t like the big monster, but then I watched it and I liked it because it was scary.” (She means a scary ice monster that clearly terrified her in the cinema, along with most of the audience)

Should people go see it? Yes, I would like other people to see it too.

Parental Endurance Required? It wasn’t too bad actually. I’m not into ballads, so those bits were painful, but expected.

Will you want to strangle an anthropomorphic creature by the end of it? Just as I was think ‘How refreshing that the reindeer can’t talk” out pops an annoying snowman! But, he did get quite a lot of giggles from the kids in the audience (average age much higher than Weasel, probably around 7) and to be fair, he did make chuckle quietly.


Is it funny? It would not pass Mark Kermode’s ‘5 laughs out loud’ rule for me, but would have for the surrounding kids.

Should you take your kids? Yes, it’s alright and it’s something to do isn’t it? The kids in the theatre with us really seemed to enjoy it and Weasel did too. You probably won’t cringe, and it’s not too cheesy. I was freezing (obviously just from watching snow and ice on screen and all the characters harping on endlessly about how cold it was through the entire friggin film) and annoyed in a way only a parent of girls could be that no one mentions ‘aren’t you a bit, like, 16 years old?’ when Anna says she wants to get married instead of simply complaining that she’s just met him that day.

Go, enjoy, take a sweater.


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