Monthly Archives: October 2013

Butternut Squash Soup – Trying to Use Up 4 Jars of Cumin Lurking at the Back of the Spice Cupboard

After having total spice disaster about a year ago (as in the whole row of kitchen cabinets fell off the wall and I didn’t think I’d ever get the dominant smells of fish sauce and Chinese 5 Spice out of my nose again), our spice cupboard is decidedly haphazard. Some spices are missing completely (and […]

Testing Out a New Zucchini Bread Recipe on Weasel

Weasel has never been keen on zucchini/courgette bread, due to my recipe also containing applesauce as the substitute for the fat. But with a pile of courgettes in the fridge starting to look a little sad, I thought I’d go on a hunt for one without this healthy option. As she wanted to bake with […]