Penguins and a Very Exciting Cow at Edinburgh Zoo

You’re probably thinking, ‘surely you’d mention the pandas in the title, the most exciting thing at Edinburgh zoo?”. Well the lady panda was ‘feeling a little sensitive to noise’ so not only could we not see the pandas, we couldn’t get within a mile of said panda. There best be a baby panda by the end of all this hoo-ha or I shall be annoyed. Click here for the actual link to the zoo website and for possible baby panda news once those silly creatures finally get around to doing their thang.

So! Off we went last weekend for a mammoth car trek to Edinburgh, which must have been a brilliant idea at the time of deciding on it, but can’t quite recall what those positive points were. In addition to the main reason we were there (our friend’s wedding) we thought we needed to pop into a few attractions that we’d been to pre-kids. And with the potential added bonus of panda babies…

The Ninja’s favourite animal, the cow!


But no, no panda babies! And no adult pandas either. Oh well. The penguin parade had the most awesome ratio of people to penguins of 1000:2, but it’s still fun none the less. No photos as everyone and their mother was standing in front of us by the time we got to the parade route. The fantastic Penguin Rocks area is better really anyways, showing them porpoising along and eating fish, and not being quite as smelly as most zoos.




Food: Ok, and we got the added fun of fire alarm. We opted for the Grasslands restaurant, near the penguins, but there were a few others to chose from. Weasel had the typical 5 items in a box job (pre-chosen and boxed for you here), of which she mostly liked the yogurt. The Ninja and I were happy splitting her grapes though and split an adult’s mac & cheese between us. Our friend M had the kids portion of mac&cheese which came with chips, and there were other hot kids options available too. Feeling very street that day, Husband went for the “British Street Food” option of pulled pork in a bun. Here’s Weasel getting annoyed at both being photographed and at being expected to eat some food:


Loos and baby changing: As you’d expect, there were unisex ones of varying degrees of skankiness and some extra fold-down change tables in the ladies loos. But, and this would be the highlight of any trip to Edinburgh, we did get ‘award winning’ loos, the 2005 winner of Loo of the Year. I couldn’t resist showing everyone what a spectacular sight they were. It was like someone went completely mental in B&Q on decorative tiles, squiggly mirrors and glass bricks. Kudos for the tiny toilet, but did you need multiple skylights? Probably not. Probably best spending the money on putting more than 2 of these at the entrance and making sure the handdryers still work.



Parking: £4 per day, and make sure you have it ready as you pay someone as you enter the parking lot.

Highlights: For me, obviously loo of the year 2005, who could argue with that? The Ninja loved the random cow (bull maybe?) and Weasel was pretty excited by the penguins. There were plenty of playgrounds scattered throughout for our energetic friend as well. We’d all highly recommend it, for a good day out and for, in all seriousness, the awesome work they do for conservation and breeding programmes. And those bloody pampered pandas.



  1. Fnar fnar
    “a baby at the end of .. this hoo-ha” well that’s where they usually are, initially at least.

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