Salmon & Broccoli Teriyaki Stir Fry

Salmon is one of those foods those Weasel will eat, without much complaint, about 50% of the time, so I thought I’d go for it in an effort to broaden our food horizons a bit with a healthy-ish meal. I went for a Pinterest recipe (click here for original) but made it into a bit of a stir-fry to please the kids.

The marinade was simple – in a baggie with the salmon I just put in a large splash of soy (from my mega-beast-Costco bottle), a smaller splash of mirin, a squeeze of honey (yes, squeezy honey, we’re cretins in this house) and, since we had no sake, I added some free white wine we got from the Chinese takeaway the night before.


I did genuinely marinade that in the fridge for about 5 hours (I usually give up after about 20 minutes and cook it anyways) since for once I remembered at lunchtime what I wanted for dinner, woohoo!

I then chopped up a red onion, julienned a few carrots, pulled apart some broccoli and stir-fried them up with a little veg oil on high heat (as high as I can get on my crappy electric hob, one day I will have my ginormo wok burner hob. i will.) I added the 2 salmon fillets, broken up a bit, for a couple of minutes and then the 2 minute pre-cooked rice noodles. And tadah!


Weasel’s verdict: She decided she didn’t like the “ham” today despite our insistence that it was salmon. The Ninja very much enjoyed the carrots in particular. We’ll definitely make this one again.


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