Smoked Haddock Chowder – This Whole Soup Thing Seems To Be Working…

After the success of the cauliflower chowder, and the strange fact that Weasel likes fish, I thought I’d attempt a fish chowder next, with bacon of course to make sure it was tasty for me too. Soup without some kind of pork product is just not the same. So onto Pinterest I go, and I find a Waitrose recipe that seems alright (click here for original) and then I cut out a lot of the steps through sheer laziness.


Ingredients: Their 1st one is butter, and I forgot to put it in, so going to ignore that. Moving on. 1 chopped onion, 8 bacon rashers (I went for streaky and their recipe calls for half this, but how can you not want more bacon?), 450ml of milk (I used full-fat since I forgot the butter, and mostly just put in a damn good glug), a pint of water with 2 chicken stock cubes in it  (theirs calls for 300ml of fish stock, but I thought it might be fishy enough as it was), about 500g of potatoes (bought some waxy salad ones in a panic as Sainso’s was shutting, but that worked ok. Added twice as many as I should have because I thought the bag was a half kilo instead of a kilo. Oops.), some haddock (they say 450g) and a bag of spinach (at closing time at Sainsbury’s? No chance. Just left it out.). So I mostly followed the recipe, right?


At least buying ones that kept their shape meant the Ninja could eat it with one hand and not have to use that pesky spoon in her other.


Step One: Throw cut up things in a pan, forget to add any oil or butter (bless you gods of non-stick pans for saving my ass on many occasions), fry them for about 10 minutes.

Step Two: Add badly skinned. badly chunked fish, stock, milk and some pepper that wasn’t in the recipe. DO NOT ADD SALT. I am glad I read that bit; it is seriously salty even without the addition.


Step Three: Serve with the dregs of a crappy loaf of bread because you forgot to buy some nice bread to go with it in the last-minute panic. Yum!




Learnings: I need to learn which potatoes go best in which dishes and really must learn to skin a fish. But the kids and I (and Husband too, I think) thoroughly enjoyed it. Just wish the fish wasn’t so expensive or we would eat this all the time. Oh, and also wish it didn’t make my dishwasher and house stink of a boatload of haddock.




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