Fairbourne Railway – or Visiting Ivor the Engine

Given Weasel’s current love of Ivor the Engine (thank you Husband), there was no way we were going to manage a trip to the top left-hand corner of Wales without riding on a little steam train. Conveniently somewhat near where we were headed for lunch, we set off for the Fairbourne Railway, to do a return trip (involving the promise of coffee in the middle obviously) from Fairbourne to the Barmouth ferry crossing to give Weasel and Husband their steam fix.


Coal. I hate the smell of coal.


This one was a Thomas-Train according to Weasel



Cost: It was a little pricey and a little confusing, but I think it probably takes a lot to maintain that thing. Adults are £5 single, £9 return, children (age 3-15) are £3 single, £5.25 return if unaccompanied and £1 return if with an adult, under-3’s are free. Husband discovered why his mum only let him go on it once per holiday.


Access: There are 2 spaces for wheel-chaired passengers, but I wouldn’t really take a pushchair on it.

Toilet facilities: At Fairbourne they had none, so you had to go to the public toilets in this small town. There were toilets at Barmouth Ferry station, but a queue and a train setting off meant the toddler had to go to the not-so-appealing ones in Fairbourne.

Cafe: We went to the one at Barmouth Ferry, which did an ok cappuccino and an awesome caramel cookie which I had to share with Weasel sadly. Plenty of picnic tables, indoor seating and some lovely views await you. And, given what their chiller cabinet looked like in the cafe, most people come up to have a drink. I suppose it’s usually pissing it down with rain, which might explain why they favour more of a tipple than a milkshake.

Don’t know why I look pissed off here, but suspect it has to do with parental obligation to share my cookie.



Verdict: It was Weasel’s highlight of the whole 4-day break and she was so excited that it tooted just like Ivor. The Ninja was beyond excited. Not that she knows what was going on, but she was dancing, giggling and ‘gently tapping’ the windows. She had absolutely nothing to do with the window stripping stuff coming off…





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