Cauliflower Chowder – No, Seriously, Weasel Ate This

The Hallelujah Chorus was playing loudly in my head as we had a night last week where everyone happily ate their dinner. No screaming, whining, feet stomping, none of it. Unbelievably it wasn’t a chip shop kind of night, it was a Pinterest experiment in cauliflower chowder. The recipe had bacon to make Husband happy, cheese grated on top to make Weasel happy and it had enough veggies in it to make the Ninja happy (yes, weird child). And it didn’t have any butter in it, so is probably healthy-ish enough for me. Whoop whoop!

Here’s the link to the original recipe which gives much more detailed instructions than I ever could or could ever follow myself. I pretty much followed it, apart from cooking the ingredients before blitzing them. My blender isn’t as hardcore as her food processor. I used skimmed milk as opposed to semi-skimmed milk (it didn’t seem to suffer for it). Also, being British, my cheese isn’t fluorescent orange in colour, which must give it buoyancy because mine all sunk in.





I’d consider that a success compared to most of my Pinterest attempts! This is one that will definitely be made on a regular basis and am now on a mission to make other kind of chowders. I’m just hoping if I make sure I add bacon to all of them it’ll make them all edible. Bacon makes everything awesome right?


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