Honey Ice Cream – Tywyn

Someone on our family trip (I shall name no names) admitted that they weren’t a big fan of Honey Ice Cream from the Halo factory shop in Tywyn, something that must be said very quietly around my in-law clan. And I must admit, not being a great lover of honey, I’m not all that keen on it either. But ice cream is ice cream, and on a sunny day and with enough sprinkles, I’ll happily stop in and ruin my diet.


Making the mistake and ordering a honey ice cream last time, thinking it was the brand name instead of the flavour, I decided to go for a different flavour this time. They had cherry and banana on tap yesterday (you can get it swirled with the original too, and these flavours change daily), and for less than £2 it was a bargain. Weasel was a fan of the teddy cups (which did not leak out the bottom despite Husband’s childhood memories) but not of the chocolate toffee balls, which family had to be listed in to help remove. Ninja loves all things, so it’s not a surprise she loved sharing Husband’s honey ice cream cone.


Practicalities: There is pram access if you wanted to bring it, and I am told there is a toilet (although have been told you might not want to use it). There is extremely limited seating inside, but most people hang out on the random tables outside or on the slate circle. I found less bees this time choosing the slate circle over a table.

Open 7 days a week (11-3 normally, 11-6 in school holidays), and reportedly staying open despite the eminent move of the factory, due to popularity. You might want to avoid Mondays in summer as the town market across the road can cause some traffic backups and make the shop busier too.

Disclaimer: It is never, ever going to be this sunny again as in these photos, so please expect rain to avoid disappointment.



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