Jack and the Flumflum Tree

When Husband brought this one home, I wasn’t too sure of it to start with. Written by the same folks as the amazing Gruffalo and the very confusing The Troll, I wasn’t sure which of the two we were going to get. Jack and the Flumflum Tree is a good read. The plot feels a little contrived, but a two year old doesn’t give a crap if it is or not. She likes balloons, sharks, naughty monkeys and references to snotty noses.


Good Points: The text flows a bit like a song, so is quite fun to read. Weasel enjoys shouting along to the ‘Blow Your Nose’ bits and having ‘a look in granny’s patchwork sack’ bits. The illustrations give you loads to point out, including the troll on one page.

Weird Stuff: Again, it’s a bit contrived and feels like she’s trying to be down with the kiddies and a bit gross by calling the island ‘blowyernose’. Saying that, this book is for the kiddies, and they love that, so it’s just you who will be rolling your eyes. And it’s the most ridiculous thing, but one of the children in the book has stubble (“stubble-cheeked-Stu”), and that just seems aimed at the wrong age of child. To Weasel, stubble means daddies, not her playmates.

Verdict: Weasel would recommend it, and Husband loves it. I could pass, but then it’s not me who needs to like it.


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