Courgette Pasta – Awesome Diet Trick

I got really excited when I read today was national zucchini (courgette) day, and was well chuffed with my timing, and then discovered I missed it by a day. Oh well. But if you are trying to get back to your pre-baby body (and your new extra-padded body is reluctant to part ways) than this trick might help you too.

Not wanting to eat differently from Weasel and the Ninja, I had been putting their home-made pasta sauce (we eat a lot of Italian food in our house) on top of lettuce or carrots or something equally as boring. Then someone mentioned shredding courgettes to look like pasta. They are a genius.

Good points:

1) Yes, you are still having maybe Roquefort and pancetta sauce, but it’s on courgettes so you’ve knocked 400 calories out of your meal already!

2) You are getting more of your 5 a day and more importantly looking like you are getting your 5 a day in front of your kids.

3) You can twist it around your fork, eat on the same size plate, hell, even add some parmigiano to the top of it, and still not feel guilty.

I just took a potato peeler to the courgette, and have tried boiling and frying (with just some leftover sauce or with a tiny bit of oil) in the pan I made the sauce in for the kids. For the meal in the photo I fried the courgettes and cherry tomatoes in a pan, turned off the heat and melted some Gorgonzola over the top. Feeling like I ate a massive bowl of pasta with the kids and without the guilt. Bliss.



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