Thai Meatball Curry Makes Everyone (Mostly) Happy

After spending the weekend pinning loads of food on Pinterest (mostly because I’m on a diet and like to drool over all the food I shouldn’t have), I decided I should actually get around to making some of the main courses I pinned onto ‘healthy-ish food’. I’ve called it healthy-ish because I’m not certain most of them are, but most either claim to be or have a lot of veg, which is close enough for me. An intriguing one I came across, which I happen to have most of the ingredients for, was Thai Chicken Meatball Curry (click here for original recipe). And it was supposed to look like this:


Mine turned out super tasty, but more like this:


My ingredients: Meatballs – 500g pork mince (yes, that’s right, main ingredient change due to inability to find any chicken mince and even less inclination to get mincing myself), 1 tbsp Thai Red Curry paste, 50g breadcrumbs (well, the heel of a loaf of Hovis popped in a blender), 3 tbsp chopped fresh coriander, 1 tbsp fish sauce (tipped a little quickly so added a bit more than this), 1 tbsp soy sauce (err, I put in none as it turns out we are totally out), 1 tsp salt. For the curry: 2 julienned carrots (although I really like carrots, so added 5), 2 tbsp paste, 2 garlic cloves (I added a good squeeze of my lazy garlic tube), 1 tin of coconut milk, 1 tin (use same tin, it works well, as the previous inventor of this suggests) of chicken stock, 2 tbsp fish sauce, 2 tbsp soy sauce (again, missed this), 2 tbsp sugar, 1 pack of fresh green beans. I also added a tbsp of jarred lemongrass and of tamarind paste. I can’t comprehend Thai food without them so had too. Oh and a little squeeze of sweet chilli sauce, because everything tastes more awesome with sweet chilli sauce. The original recipe calls for mini corn, but I can’t stand the stuff, so just added extra carrots instead.I held out on all pastes and chilis until after everything was cooked and I took out the kids’ portions. I then added hot stuff and cooked a little longer.

Step one: Balls! Mix all ingredients for the meatballs in a bowl. Roll them into golf ball size balls and place them onto a lightly oiled and tin foiled baking tray. Place in oven at 200c for 20 minutes. The original recipe called for frying, but I thought this looked healthier and I could do the curry bit whist they were baking away.


Step two: Curry! I am very lazy and prone to burn everything, but it works fine just to pop the coconut milk in first and then add all ingredients to it whilst it’s cooking away. This means you don’t generally burn anything and keeps most things very tender. So turn heat on your sauce pan, add milk and chicken stock and a little extra water for good luck, then throw the rest of it in.

Step 3: Take balls from oven, put them in your curry sauce on the hob, cook for another 10 minutes, adding more water if necessary and corn flour at the end if it needs thickening.

Step 4: Cheat on rice. I’m making a curry nearly from scratch on a Tuesday night, I’m going to cut a corner somewhere.


Verdict: Weasel said it was very nice (she only ate my cheating rice with a little complained-about sauce on top. Ninja enjoyed all of it, attempting to stick a hole meatball in her mouth. Even Husband enjoyed it. Result!



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