Home Farm, Cambridge – Somewhere We Always Seem to Get Rained On

One day I will end up at Home Farm on a sunny day, one day it will happen. As for now, the two visits to this Hertfordshire/Cambridgeshire historical farm (the internet seems conflicted on which county it’s in), two years apart, were both a bit wet. Thankfully it did manage to hold out until after lunch this last time and the massive trees around the woodland playground managed to keep us sheltered. We will be all cultural-like eventually and make it into the National Trust house, Wimpole that it’s attached to. One day.


What’s to See? A fair number of animals, although I was a little disappointed there wasn’t more of a variety. Weasel enjoyed the chicks and ducklings on our latest trip, always good to visit in the spring for your fluffy baby animal fix. There are also tractors, hay mazes for small people, small toy tractors to ride and fake cows to milk (well, buckets with gloves, but Weasel did really enjoy it).

We did also manage to see a woman weaving some Gravel fur, scary!



And a bit of an oldie. She never was impressed by the noisy, smelly pigs.


Food: Tasty food was available in the cafe, which had loads of outdoor and indoor seating. You might want to choose inside if your child has the propensity to get distracted whilst eating since the hay maze and mini ride-on tractors are next to the picnic tables. Weasel had one of those ‘5 items for x amount in a box’ lunches. She mostly wanted the crisps. We then stopped for ice cream on the way out at the Old Rectory with some lovely outdoor but covered seating.

Grumping over some ice-cream related argument at the Old Rectory


Facilities: The had baby changing at the Old Rectory and I’m sure there were some at the toilets near the Farm Cafe too.

Prices: The pricing was a little complex, allowing you to pick and choose which bits of the estate you see. We paid for farm & gardens, and you can find the extensive list of options here. National Trust members still have to pay to get into the farm, which seems a bit of a shame, but I presume is standard practice, and parking has an additional charge too.

Verdict: It’s an ok farm, but not if you’re expecting something like a petting zoo. The play areas are lovely, but the weird pricing system left me feeling a little nickel & dimed. Weasel enjoyed the hay stacks and play areas a lot more than any of the animals, which is unusual for her. Avoid pig feeding time unless you want to traumatise them. We went and ate a ham sandwich after to try to make her feel she at least got a one-up on them in the end. That will also need to go into my bad parenting guide under ‘rubbish psychology used on my kids that will never work’.



  1. You ate piggy!!??! 🙂 my boys hate noisey pigs too.

    1. They are quite scary, all those pigs squealing away at petting zoos. A full size farm would be terrifying! I’m much happier with the fluffy chickens. Glad to hear it’s not just us being a bit wussy!

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