Positano – Guildford – Tasty but Not Suited for Toddlers

Having been to Positano years ago in its previous incarnation, I kept wanting to check it out again but being daunted by the masses of steps at the entrance. For my birthday, and for my need for some carbs to splurge on on this special occasion, I braved those steps. The staff seemed a little surprised to see a pushchair emerge at the medieval bar on the floor above, so I suspect not many make it up there. Not one to give up easily (I will do everything I did before kids! I will if it kills me!), and daydreaming of some torta della nonna, I decided to give it a go.


Practicalities: Well, it’s not for pushchairs or nappied kids. Located just off the High Street, near the castle, it is however convenient for Guildford shopping trips.

Verdict: Apart from being seated next to some horrid, sleazy men on their extended lunch break (discussing their many conquests), the not-as-friendly-as-you’d-expect-from-Italians service and the difficulty in access, it was wonderful. The food is perfectly authentic and amazing, I just wish it was a little more friendly towards Weasel and Ninja. I had my favourite, spaghetti con cozze (clams), which was wonderful. Weasel enjoyed her pasta (there is no kids menu, but they’ll make any sauce with any pasta, which was nice) and especially enjoyed her uber-messy ice cream at the end. As it stands, with the combination of other patrons, lack of facilities and access, and somewhat lacklustre welcome, I wouldn’t come back with young kids on a weekday lunchtime.



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