Chocolate Mousse, Custard & Raspberry Tart – How to Get Rid of Raspberries and Throw Your Diet Out the Window

Four important events are occurring this weekend that require me to make this tart. 1) Sunday Baking Club is having a pastry theme this week 2) I have 3 barbecues to go to this weekend and doubling this recipe is going to sort me for 2 of them 3)I have crap-loads of raspberries in my garden, the only thing I manage to grow properly, to get rid of and last but not least, 4) this contains custard and I could eat that for 3 meals a day. So I have no choice but to make these tarts.

Sweet Crust Pastry – Weasel actually enjoyed helping me with this, and doing the ‘rolling between cling film sheets’ method means she can’t destroy it.  I doubled my recipe, but probably didn’t need to as there’s a big chunk of dough in the freezer now (it keeps for one month) and I scoffed at least a fistful before any got rolled out. Here’s the measurements for 1 tart and probably 6 tartlets: 330g plain flour, juice & zest of one lemon, a few tablespoons of water (until it gets to the right consistency in the mixer), 100g of icing sugar (I used caster since I blew all the icing sugar on the raspberry cupcake icing the other day), 1 egg yolk, 1/4 tsp salt and 180g of cold unsalted butter (cut into small cubes, or whatever you could be bothered to do with them).


Although perfectly rolled, the whole ‘getting it onto the buttered tart pan’ process didn’t go so well. Luckly no one is going to notice given it’s covered in chocolate and mousse.


For the mini tartlets we used a small glass as a cookie cutter. In hindsight we definitely should have used a larger brimmed glass as they turned out almost flat (but still tasty!).


With the blind baking (about 20 minutes at about 150c ish) done, I started on the chocolate mousse filling. Adding 180g of milk chocolate (I went for milk instead of dark, but in retrospect this has made a very pale mousse, conveniently this came in 200g bars…) to a bowl over a boiling pan, I melted the chocolate down. Taking off the heat, I separated the eggs (badly) and mixed in the yolks to the chocolate bowl. I fluffed up the egg white on high speed in the mixer until they had soft peaks. After adding 4 tsps of caster sugar, I mixed it up again, and then folded the fluffy, peaky goo into the chocolate bowl. So, yes, the egg whites are uncooked. You will need to make sure they are very fresh (I bought them same-day) and I went for free-range (which you should do anyways, ooooh, preaching). If you don’t like the idea of raw eggs (pregnant, ill, lowered immunity, texture issues, etc) just buy some nice mousse pre-made and it will probably be just as tasty, and possibly a nicer colour/consistency than my slightly merguiney version.



Fill the tasty tasty pie – I did mine half and half, totally failing to create a beautiful swirl affect I was after. Oh well.


Add raspberries to get rid of all the ones your garden seems to produce and ta-dah!


Verdict: Good, but I’d just buy to chocolate mousse next time, it would set better. If it doesn’t set it turns into a bit of a (tasty) mess, but doesn’t really impress when transported to someone’s bbq! Thankfully I took a photo before. The pastry however is to die for and it’s going to be difficult to stop me scoffing the bag in the freezer before I manage to bake it into something. Weasel ignored it completely, it contains her nemesis, fruit.


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