Healthy-ish Strawberry Cheesecake (Warning – Post Contains Some Very Ugly Cheesecake)

Not always brilliant at presentation, I seemed to shock even myself 2 weekends back by taking 2 very ugly desserts to a barbecue. I should have provided blindfolds for enjoying both the Strawberry Jello Cake and this, the world’s ugliest, but healthy, cheesecake. Well, it was healthy until I had the genius idea to chuck in a pack of Cadbury Mini Eggs.


Cannot resist temptation


It didn’t help that this was an amalgamation of about 4 different recipes and then chucking chocolate in. This also morphed into an upside down (ooooh, wouldn’t that make it pretty with all the strawberries on top, I thought) and chocolate filled cake.

Ingredients: 1 very naughty pack of your daughter’s mini eggs (sorry Naomi!), 1 punnet of strawberries (de-greened and halved), 200g (1 pack) of lightest cream cheese, 450g of set Greek yogurt (we used Rachel’s which seems thicker than most others), 3 medium eggs, 60g of Truvia (or 120g of icing sugar if you want the real deal) and a glug of vanilla.  For the base: 400g digestive biscuits + a tablespoon of cinnamon (or just use graham crackers in the US) plus about 2 cups of margarine (melted).

Step 1: Layer stuff you want to be on top, on the bottom of a springform tin. You should resist the temptation to add stupid things like mini eggs until the cake is done and you can just decorate with them. Also, put the strawberries the opposite way round to this photo. It will look better when the cheesecake hasn’t glooped it’s way around the strawberry making it look like a dog’s dinner.

Step 2: Mix all cheesecake stuff together in a mixer, pour on top. It looks quite wet, but that’s ok, it’s a baked cheesecake, it will get all cheesecakey later. Pop in freezer for an hour to set a bit.


Step 3: Bash or blend the biscuits/graham crackers with cinnamon until they’re mostly sandy, add melted marg/butter. Pop on top of frozen-ish cheesecake, pressing down as much as you can.


Step 4: Bake for 45 minutes on 150c. It should stop wobbling so much when it’s finished. Pop in freezer still in its tin if you plan on transporting it anywhere.

And here is the amazingly ugly cake:


Verdict: I assure you it tastes better than it looks, but definitely matured on day 2. You can tell it’s healthy, but still tastes like cheesecake, so good times. I will flip the fruit and add the chocolate at the end next time.

Weasel’s verdict? She only wanted the chocolate and made me fish loads out for her, including from my portion, which probably helped my diet. Isn’t she thoughtful?




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