‘It’s Got A Bit of Whale in it, Bleurg’ at Lock Fyne, Gunwharf Quays

After a day trip to the Isle of Wight, Weasel (and me, but she’s a good excuse, right?) needed some sustenance and conveniently Gunwharf Quays is dripping in food options. Having been to Loch Fyne post-Weasel but without her, I’d always wanted to pop back and check out the kids menu which comes with the now-expected 4 crayon pack that seem to fill every handbag I own.

Isla disgusted with Suvi's menu destroying

The Ninja on the other hand prefers to destroy the adult menu – the kind waiter (lovely, but called the poor Ninja a boy through the whole meal despite many corrections and a seriously girly hat) said she could keep this fabulous toy

Suvi - the great menu destroying ninja

You can’t argue that this place isn’t a seafood restaurant, it’s in the name right? And Weasel likes some fishy things. Inevitably she orders the sausages. But check out these posh sausages (with untouched beans and chips screaming ‘steal me!’) –



Changing – yes, as you’d expect from a chain. There’s a unisex, disabled loo on the ground floor, and the ladies loos were up some stairs.

Kids Menu: Interesting options which include salmon, mussels and haddock (well, that last one is fish fingers) plus some standards in a 2 course set menu for £6, drinks not included. Our waiter was so amazing that he extended the ‘kids eat free in half term’ to the non-half term day we were there. Whoop whoop! (no, not because of the blog, I suspect because of a feedback form he asked us to fill in after!)

Stuff to keep your kid busy: We ate outside on the quay where Weasel enjoyed people watching. If your kid is a bit of an escapee you might want to choose inside though, it could be too exciting outside on a busy day.

Weasel’s Verdict: She enjoyed the sausages, although stopped after 1 after spitting out a piece and claiming it had a bit of whale meat in it. She enjoyed sitting next to the giant crane, but was disgusted by Ninja’s menu-destroying. The Ninja highly recommends the menus.


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