My Very First Book of Colours – A Bit Uninspiring

Ok, so we have had My Very First Book of Colours for a while, but for some reason it’s making a reappearance in our top 10 requested books in this house. By Eric Carle, the same dude who wrote the much more popular The Very Hungry Caterpillar, I was expecting a little more from it when feeling-guilty-after-work-trip Husband brought it home about a year ago.

51OO6HIvZdL._The same simplistic style of illustrations as his more famous work should work with a book about colours, but for some reason it just seems uninspired and and the choices random. The biggest gripe? The multi-coloured page with a butterfly. So Weasel chooses a colour from the top flippy bit, and oh look, they’re all on the butterfly page. Done! I spend my life going, ‘well, yes, there is red on the butterfly, but find the other red’.


Weasel’s Verdict: She enjoys flipping through it, mostly because of the split page, but doesn’t totally get what she’s suppose to be doing. Given she knows all her colours, as would most kids her age, it seems that the activity aspect of the book might be aimed at the wrong age. So slightly disappointing but keeps reappearing inexplicably. For me it’s not really one you’d enjoy reading with your kid, more one they enjoy flipping through whilst you’re trying to make a dent in the endless pile of laundry and you can randomly shout over, ‘oooh, what colour’s that snowman?’ with fake enthusiasm.


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