Healthy Chocolate Balls – More Healthy Treats Going Wrong

Sorry in advance to the person who sent me the recipe for chocolate banana cookies (Skinny Chunky Monkey Cookies), but they didn’t go down so well in our house. In another attempt to satisfy my baking urge whilst not ruining my diet, and at the same time get Weasel to enjoy fruit, I made these oaty, fruity, cocoa powdery biscuits. Well, mine were more just balls as I didn’t read the instructions and assumed they would kind of fall down into a cookie shape. Face palm. I also, for some reason, felt the need to only do 2/3rds of the recipe. I don’t make life easy for myself. There’s always the possibility that the metric conversion using random google finds plus multiplying everything by .66 may have resulted in some of the blandness. I hope.

Ingredients: 2 ripe bananas, 120g oats, 50g creamy peanut butter, 20g cocoa powder, 50g applesauce (I used 1 tub of baby applesauce so it was more like 80g, not that I could taste it at all), 1tsp vanilla.

Weasel, too lazy to mash bananas, decides to stare at them instead.




Weasel stared at the bananas (she’s not a fan and wondering, I suspect, how these things were going to turn into chocolate cookies), then I mashed them. I then added all the other ingredients and stirred by hand.
They then got balled and bunged into the over at 175c for 12 minutes.

Verdict: They taste healthy and contain fruit. If making them again I would put less cocoa powder in (it was the over-riding flavour) and add some sugar or honey or anything to sweeten them up. I didn’t think they were horrific, just too healthy. I’d rather just eat a strawberry I think. Less washing up. Weasel: “Daddy, they’re chocolate, but I don’t like them. I don’t know why.” Husband’s verdict: “They taste like dirt.” (as his spits one out).  Hmmm, not a ringing endorsement.

Here’s Weasel falling asleep at the dinner table whilst chewing one. Thrilling treat obviously.



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