Chocolate Squash Muffins – More Experiments Making Healthy Baked Goods and Not Quite Getting It Right

Are your stomachs churning from that title? Seriously, it wasn’t as bad as it sounds, mostly because the before-mentioned chocolate was in the form of instant chocolate oatmeal to replace the normal oats I thought we had in the cupboard but that I stopped buying to stop myself from baking. Luckily I thwarted my own self by having a box of this questionable brekkie at the ready.

IMG_8192 (1)

Ingredients? You know what, these should never be replicated, so I shouldn’t list them. I learned last time not to put egg with oats unless you REALLY like eggy food. I learned this time that chocolate instant oatmeal is not an acceptable replacement for oats, no matter how much it sounds like it should be. Even if you barely taste the chocolate, the texture just is wrong. Maple syrup (err, well, corn syrup based maple style product) as a sugar substitute however makes everything more awesome and should be used in all baked dishes from now on.

Based on this sensible recipe from Skinny Mom, I went and screwed it up with not paying attention to the recipe. Also, topping with the oatmeally gunge stuck at the bottom of the mixer seemed clever at the time (oooh, it’s like crumble, right?!), but didn’t really improve it. Oddly they looked identical cooked as they did pre-oven, so good thing I didn’t bother taking a photo of the finished product.


Verdict: No, I wouldn’t make them again. Weasel enjoyed putting the cases in, was intrigued by baking a squash at 9am to put it in cake and actually enjoyed eating them. But they are quite a lot of effort compared to other muffins due to the fact you have to bake a vegetable first. Will keep experimenting to find one we both like and doesn’t require extra baking dishes and time. If you are still keen on trying it, use the Skinny Mom recipe and only do it when you have some leftover veg already made (but not salted).

IMG_8198 (1)


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