Cafe Rouge Windsor – I couldn’t care less if Weasel ate her pancake, it was delicious thanks…

Arriving later than anticipated (surprise!) for our trip to Windsor Castle, we needed food quick but the hoards of people filling every table at every restaurant in the centre of Windsor seemed to have the same idea. Too blustery to eat outside still, we literally just chose to eat at the first restaurant with a table for 6 plus pram space. So Cafe Rouge won out. Strangely, either due to sleepiness, grumpiness or just not being there, Weasel I don’t think has ever eaten at a Cafe Rouge so we were perusing the kids’ menu for the first time. It was never going to go particularly well no matter what was on there given the late start, but the distraction of going to a castle and the hustle and bustle of the Windsor & Eton Central station was kind of the death nail to eating plans.

Here Weasel is pretending if she ignores the food it will go away. Don’t care, allowed my fork to sneak up on her plate without a fight. And a salad? Optimistic right? I asked it to be replaced with a potato based product, but it came with the salad as stated in the menu anyways.


The kids menu was different than most high street chains, including things like roasted chicken and ham & cheese toasties croque-monsieurs, and cost the standard £6.25 for main, dessert and drink. Weasel got excited by the cheese pancake, and despite our attempt to manoeuvre her towards sausages, that’s what she ended up with. Her brain was blocking out her evil parents telling her that this is not the maple syrup kind of a pancake, and so after arrival, refused to touch it. I don’t give a damn because that was one fine cheese pancake. She will be ordering it every time we eat at Cafe Rouge and I will be volunteering to sit next to her whiny self.

Surprise, surprise, her appetite returns when the chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and shavings arrives. They include these things in the meal deal so you have to give them dessert despite their naughtiness I reckon.



Parking is close by, there’s a Waitrose there for any missing items (I think it may have been formula yet again this time) and you can peruse the nice shops too.

Facilities: Hmm, not so good. There was no disabled access to toilets nor changing facilities in the basement where the loos were located. Even Weasel had to be carried down the twisty, dark, narrow staircase. Brilliantly the National Rail website helpfully says “Baby Changing Facilities: Yes” and on the next line “Baby Changing Facilities Location: No”. Very useful. We waited until we got to the castle, but I’m sure a coffee shop chain located nearby on the main road, or in the modern shopping centre, facilities must exist.

Verdict: Definitely worth checking it out with kids, even if it’s just because you’ll get their damn tasty left-overs. Quality crayon selection and French educational colouring place-mat provided. Be prepared for al fresco changing of nappies if you visit the Windsor branch.


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