Sandy Dirt Cake – Easy Dessert That Makes You Look Like Some Kind of Creative Genius

Ok, so my intention wasn’t originally to make a sand cake, it was to make the normal dark Oreo version of a dirt cake. My near heart attack when seeing the cost of Oreos in England quickly put an end to that. They don’t look so bad, until you realise that you need about 8 packs since they come in minuscule packs only fit for 2 year olds here. In addition to that, there are quite a lot of other American-only ingredients when trawling through internet recipes – Cool Whip, Jello pudding and the available but expensive Oreos. So alternative would need to be sought instead of making a trip to the American Store.


I lightened the cream cheese and the butter and bought the cheap-o version of the pudding – Sainsbury’s Supreme Dessert (35p a pack!). Being totally indecisive, I ended up buying custard creams for sand and bourbons for dirt, both also available in cheap-ass Supermarket versions. I used 2 packs of cream cheese, 2 packs of fake Angel Delight, a family pack of custard creams and bourbons, half a cup of butter stuff and a big old shake of icing sugar (maybe half a cup again?). I’d probably times all the wet ingredients by 50% next time so I could get a full layer and use only dirt or only sand so the thing makes more sense. But this is totally up to your taste.

You basically take the biscuits, plonk in the blender and blend until dirt/sand like. Dessert doesn’t get much easier than this.


For the wet ingredients, you mix them all together (you make the pudding/angel delight/Sainso’s cheap-o mix/possibly custard if you’re feeling like it and mix it in already made), until it’s tasty and smooth. The you start the layering. If you are like me, and clearly made more dry than wet, you may have to cheat if you’re using a clear bowl so it looks from the outside that you have proper layers, like this:


Adding worms and whatever other tasty gummy treats you can find (this is brilliant at Halloween for all the gummy bugs and spiders around) to each layer, you build it up to the top. Add most of your bugs/worms/things you would find in dirt to the top layer. Serve in either a clear bowl to show the layers or in a clean flowerpot. Garnish with fake flowers or sprigs of mint from the garden if you haven’t managed to kill your herbs off yet (we’re on a whole 2 weeks now with mine, might be a record…). Shovel out with some beach or gardening equipment, probably best if this is brand new and not covered in proper dirt and worms.


And now with clingfilm to stop the proper bugs getting in


Weasel’s Verdict: “It’s good mummy; worms!” She then refused to touch it. Well, everyone else liked it at least.






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