Carrots in a Form Even Weasel Will Eat

Convincing Weasel to eat any fruit and veg is just not worth the trouble. We continue putting one token piece on her plate, but we gave up long ago fighting over it. Recently however she has expressed an interest. She hasn’t exactly enjoyed much, but she has thought about eating fruit and even asked to eat some carrots the other day. This could be down to a certain Baby Sister getting (a little bit too loud) praise for eating the dreaded food. I know people talk about hiding the food, but Weasel isn’t called Weasel for nothing. She asks for ingredient lists and tells you of any unlisted flavours/textures/lumps she can see/taste/tingle her Spidey sense. So as scary as it is, honesty is the only policy the Weaseley household. And if she didn’t eat the damn muffins (er, cake I might have called it) at least I have at least one kid who eats properly in this house to finish them off, the ever-expanding Suvster, professional food ninja.


So, carrot muffins made super healthy for tiny ones:

Ingredients – 1/2 cup light margarine, 1 tbsp baking powder, 1/2 cup milk, 2 small carrots grated, dash of cinnamon, pinch of salt, 2 eggs, 2 cups wholemeal flour, 1/2 cup Truvia baking fake sugar (you could use 1 cup of real sugar here), 1/2 tsp almond extract (I put this in because I had it knocking around and thought it might kind of make it taste like carrot & walnut cake. Didn’t really taste it much, so this is definitely optional). Makes 10 small cupcakes/muffin thingies.

I don’t really do ‘steps’, so I mixed everything together and bunged them in ungreased silicon cupcake trays for 20 minutes at 180c. Yes, I did totally fail to take a single photo of the making of, but you do get this rather artistic shot of them already made 🙂 Weasel and Suvster gobbled them up and I’ll definitely be making them again. Sorry in advance, this is so the start of a veg cake series on here…



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