Hand & Spear Weybridge

Going to your after-work pub on a Saturday night with your kids feels a little strange, but hey, at least we knew in advance that it’d would be reliable. And location wise, the Hand & Spear (Young’s) is right next to Weybridge station and very close to where we’d had our day out in Brooklands, so you couldn’t beat it.

hand_and_spear_ 068_720

Having a quick look at the website, I was intrigued to find this was originally a lord’s summer house which he turned into a hotel when the railway came to town; a hotel which Robert Louis Stevenson wrote about. So not just a good place for a tipple after financial year end then but a building of historical interest.

Weasel was mostly intrigued by being in a busy pub on a Saturday night. There’s a large room at the back reserved for dining, where we ate, plus in the summer months you can head out to the enormous patio area (although this can get quite smoky in the evenings). Struggling slightly to work out what to feed Weasel (no pasta on the menu, disaster!), the waitress thankfully suggested they make her some cheesy pasta, result! Weasel’s tipple of choice, hot milk, came a wee bit too hot, but we eventually got there. Our biggest disaster was a spontaneously exploding ketchup bottle, impressive more than anything else, although our friends who were hit by the spluttering sauce may feel differently.



Kids Food: Of the burger and chips variety, but there are starters that could be used as kids’ mains and plenty of sharing platters. Ask the waiter if you want something specific as they happily accommodated us.

Facilities: Couldn’t find any baby changing, so Baby Sister had a little longer than usual in her nappy, not that she cares. Weasel was a little more difficult as ‘pub toilets on a Saturday night’ should be self-explanatory. There wasn’t a single cubicle with a working seat/working lock/loo roll availability combo. We went for the wobbly option as at least it had the other 2 boxes ticked. As she was bored, she insisted we go 4 times within an hour. Good times.

Buggy Space? Plenty in the restaurant area and around most of the tables in the other rooms/outside.

Verdict: Good for kids, although maybe lunch would be a wiser option. Can get busy on weekday evenings, not just weekends, as it’s the drinking hole of choice for most offices on the Brooklands business park. Weasel enjoyed the food and drinks and we enjoyed having the large restaurant area all to ourselves from about half way through the meal (not due to us clearing them out, I swear!). Facilities could be better.


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