Broccoli, Brie and Baby Plum Tom Pasta (yes, and with hot dogs…)

Let’s say the ingredient combination of this Saturday lunch were a little organic. Not the good kind of organic, more the ‘we’re on day 6 of not going to the supermarket so we have some really random stuff left’ kind of organic.


Ingredients: Broccoli (cut up as small as possible so that some might sneak its way into Weasel’s belly), half a punnet of halved baby plum tomatoes, the brie that Weasel hadn’t gorged out with her fingers (note to only ever eat unopened soft cheese if visiting us for a meal), random pasta shapes (this keeps Weasel interested, but be sure to choose ones that have the same/very similar cooking time), a small onion (either chopped or torn to shreds by your toddler ‘helping’) and half a pack of hot dogs. I should point out that hot dogs, although unusual sounding, are found in Italian cooking. You get them on pizzas up north at least. I’m not just being weird.


Simply fry all the ingredients apart from the cheese in a pan whilst boiling pasta in salted water. Turn off heat of sauce pan and pop chunked brie on top to melt (to make sure you don’t boil your cheese). When you pasta is done, drain and add into sauce pan, stirring over low heat for a minute or so to allow your pasta to pick up the sauce and be coated with tasty tasty cheese.


Weasel’s Verdict: She ate all the hot dogs and pasta, occasionally accidentally ingesting a piece of tomato or broccoli but more often complaining about their existence. Husband and I happily chowed down, Baby Sister sat in a swing nomming her own arm for the whole meal. I’d consider that success.



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