Tommy & Minnie’s (amazingly bad) Glitter Book

To be fair, I didn’t have high expectations of Tommy & Minnie’s Glitter Book, as it was bought in one of those cheap bookshops that fill up old 1960’s covered street style shopping centres. Whilst I’m happy a book shop still exists somewhere on the high street, I honestly don’t know how these places continue to pay the rent. At the end of running a few errands in Woking, the town that Weasel has a breakdown any time we come within a mile of for some unknown reason, I let her go into aforementioned bookshop and choose 5 books (it tells you the quality when the books are on a 5 for £10 deal). This is one classic she came out with. I suspect the cat and the big pink shiny heart balloon had something to do with her choice instead of some genuine interest in learning her colours.


What is awesomely bad about this book?

1) The colours aren’t quite right, surely crucial in a book about learning colours? The pages on yellow are actually gold and Weasel ends up pointing out all the glittery gold bits ignoring the fact that there are plenty of yellow unglittery things in the picture. The purple is pink (the same shade as on the page that has pink things), the grey is silver and grapes are not generally blue (sometimes, yes, but not normally).

2) See the promise of Blue Bird and Green Butterfly on the cover? Do they ever appear again? No they don’t. This leaves Weasel asking for the damned butterfly. Great.

3) The boy is on a sail boat – fantastic. We love books with boats. What’s the girl doing? Is she on a windsurfer nearby? Is she swimming in the sea? No, she’s ashore waving at the boy. Amazing role model.


4) For some reason they lump together 3 autumnal colours at the end, 2 of which we’ve already seen. Oh look they’re “enjoying nature”. They’re doing this by cutting down loads of trees. There’s even a confused looking baby duck (?) staring at them, imploring them to stop with his big sad eyes. But they keep on cutting them down. Bastards.


Oh yes, this book is pants on many levels. Weasel’s Review? When asked what she thought of the book- “I like it! Pink!” Great.


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