Pink Nose Day Cupcakes?

Dear makers of food colouring – I believe we may have differing definitions of what you describe on the packaging as ‘Christmas Red’. I personally would refer to the colour currently staining my hands and that of 16 small children at Weasel’s nursery (mwahaha) as shocking 1980’s neon pink.

Weasel and I decided to make Red Nose Day cupcakes for nursery as this entire month, yep, the whole month, is Red Nose charity month where us parents are expected to dress up kids, sponsor kids and do quite a lot of baking and buying of baked goods. I’m all for charity, but a whole month? Jeez.

This is Christmas Red. No really.


Step 1: Bake cupcakes. We went for a basic recipe since a majority of the eaters will be under the age of 4. In all honesty, they’re likely to just eat the topping anyways and leave the remaining cake as a hidden present for their poor suffering parents to find at a future time behind a sofa, so there seems little point in getting fussy. We used the one from the original Hummingbird Bakery cookbook, a sort of fail-safe cake book in my experience. We skipped all the faffy bits about melting pink marshmallows and filling a hollowed out cupcake – that sounded like way more effort than would be appreciated – but went along with the mini ones piled on top.


Weasel went for the lesser known ‘stabbing with a spoon’ method of stirring. Then I obviously poured the batter into the proper mixer.


After gymnastics we managed a nap through bribery (if you nap we can ice cupcakes, which quickly escalated into, if you don’t nap you will not be getting any cupcakes but your nursery friends will. Terrible parenting class 101.), and we were ready for Step 2: Icing!

We got the Weasel containment tray ready, I mixed up some food colouring with Betty Crocker Icing (‘lazy mummy’ she will be telling me soon, but I wasn’t planning on faffing around with frosting which needed to sit in a hot tin all day in the nursery office only to be destroyed by not particularly disconcerting toddlers) and we set to work.


Given the new unexpected colour, I decided to break out the Dr Oetker Neon Sugar sprinkles



I tried to keep Weasel interested (16 cupcakes is a lot for a 2 year old to decorate it turns out) through getting her to put exactly 5 marshmallows on each cake. The variation was amusing for me at least, but here’s her looking bored after about half and leaving me to finish them off.



But at least she enjoyed eating them (in her super-destructo way) and they will have raised a whole £8 for Red Nose Day (about the cost of the ingredients says cynical mummy…). I do however get the added joy of having dyed 16 kids neon pink at nursery 🙂



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