The Grove Watford – Taking a baby to a work party for some unknown reason

Ok, so I must start out with the fact that Weasel and Gravel did not come with us this time to Husband’s Christmas Winter Party, in January at The Grove in Watford, and no kids were in fact supposed to be with us. My babyfied, mushy, hormoned brain did not get this memo and I was suddenly unable to part from the tiddler.


Key learnings of attending a posh, sort of Christmas party, in a hotel with a baby-

1) Do not attend with my Husband. Also known as Captain Chunder, in between massive snores he will inevitably puke at 3am annoying the hell out of you. This obviously refers to any of you also possessing a Captain Chunder, not suggesting you might actually want mine attending your party.

2) Ask the hotel what there is for kids in advance, and persist if they keep forgetting things. We had to phone 3 times to get a cot sent to our room (despite warning them a couple of days before), but they also volunteered up a sterilizer and said they’d bring a bottle warmer/nappies/wipes etc if we ran out. There was a fridge and kettle in the room as well.

3) We found out kids were never allowed in the spa pool when we got there, something we should have checked in advance really. Some spas have set times were you can take under 12’s in. The kids’ pool and activity centre was supposed to be awesome, but seemed pointless with a 2 month old baby when it required a golf buggy to get there.

4) Drunk people really like rocking prams – very useful! Or you could always arrange a nanny in advance (24 hour notice required) for your room, or even better, leave your kid at home and go party.


So this is what Husband was doing at 1am, and the second photo was what I was up to. To be fair, it’s my fault for taking a kid in the first place, but I still could have done without Captain Chunder making an appearance and, from the looks of it, wasting quite a lot of nice port.



Verdict: Lots of kids activities (that we didn’t test out), facilities and convenient for a trip out to do the Harry Potter studio tours (the HP cast in fact stayed here whilst filming, as do the English football team apparently, I suspect in the posher Mansion bit), so it’s a lot more child friendly than one would expect from a swish hotel. Husband can vouch for the quality of the port, both going down and coming back up again. Good times.


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