Melissa & Doug Make Your Own Rubber Ducky

I love this duck. Weasel loves this duck. Weasel takes this duck to bed with her after the bath, we can’t pry the damned thing from her hands. You could be as artistic or rude as you want when painting this Melissa and Doug duck, but as Weasel still has limited capabilities as an artist, she was always likely to go for the Jackson Pollock look. What a tribute.


For only £4.99 at Hobbycraft, errr, at the North Pole where Father Christmas made it, it’s actually a bit of a bargain too. You’d pay that for any old ‘make-your-own-crap’ that would be quickly tossed aside. But a duck? That’s clearly something useful. In addition, there’s far more paint than could be used, so you have more waterproof paint to go destroy some more clothes.

Keen to get started, having totally forgotten she got this for Christmas.


Not content with one brush – we always prefer to double the mess potential


Get the wet wipes ready (this isn’t as easy-wash-off as most paints since it has to go in the bath) and make sure your kid has a mega-bib on with waterproof sleeves.


I did have my doubts about duck’s waterproofness and must admit was expecting a bath filled with paint the next night. Thankfully I was wrong. Here’s Mr Duck in all his floaty glory-




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