Getting Covered in Glitter Opportunity – Valentine’s Cards!

After the craziness of Christmas craft ideas, parties and general excitement, it’s hard to get creative with the boring rest of winter. Inspired by a fellow blogger’s husband’s new blog celebrating something random every day of the year, I’ve decided to make more of an effort in teaching Weasel seasonal fun. So besides the most amazing week of Chinese food (oh diet, where art thou?) for the upcoming new year, I decided we should do some Valentine’s Day crafts. Number one on that list must be cards. And since people in the UK don’t really do exchanging cards with kids, I figured at least the grandparents might enjoy some child-laboured pieces of art.


All we used were some cheap glitter glue pens, some paint brushes to help spread the glitter around from the giant lumps that Weasel squeezed out, some red make-your-own cards (handy tip – most colours of cards are expensive or come in small packs only, red and green (I’m guessing because of Christmas) come in packs of 50 for only £4.99) and some sticky back felt (which I cut into hearts for Weasel, but she stuck to the cards, in somewhat interesting positions).


Dear grandparents – you will eventually get these. We are good at crafting. We are not so good at remembering to buy stamps.


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