Diet Ruining Double Chocolate Shortbread Cookies

I mostly suggested Husband and Weasel did some baking to get a moment’s peace and to get to sneak in the kitchen and grab some of their raw dough and sneak away again. Diets make you do crazy things. One would be not warning Husband that the recipe made 4 dozen cookies. Oh well. I’m sure the 7 I scoffed today are made up for by the hoovering I did this evening calorie-wise, right?

Rather than type out the recipe, here’s a lazy-ass photo of the book 🙂 We didn’t put the icing on (so chocolate shortbread, with creamy icing, then drizzled with melted chocolate) as it seemed a little sweet even for the most hardcore of chocolate fiends. Without the topping you can totally ignore the chocolate (Weasel enjoyed scoffing this since we hadn’t realised it wasn’t part of the main cookie), the shortening (thankfully since I’m not sure this is widely available in the UK) and creamy frosting. We decided to add chocolate chips mostly because Husband would eat chocolate chips in anything.


Weasel got to try out her new mixing bowl set, mostly for show as it then got dumped into the mixer, but pleasing to her none the less.


How cute is that?! It even goes against my anti-pastel pink rules and I don’t care.


Husband couldn’t find most of the ingredients, used the butter straight from the fridge (melt it first in the microwave or heating-up oven) and required a lot of Googling for the conversions, but he got there in the end. He did have to add a couple of spoonfuls of water as it was really dry and powdery still. Check out his mess –


Ways Weasel was able to get involved: Pouring in ingredients, breaking up chocolate we didn’t need in the end (which the remnants now have her teeth marks all over), using a rolling pin, choosing a cookie cutter (the cow, Husband went for duck) and cutting out the animals. With a short cooking time to match their attention span, this recipe is great for kiddos.


Verdict: If you want to ruin most of your new year’s resolutions, please bake these. The cookie dough is like pure crack and none of us could keep away. With its lack of egg, you can even let your toddler eat it without that nagging voice in the back of your head going on about salmonella despite eggs in the UK being pretty much clear of it. Now off to grab number 8…



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