Toddler Brushing Ploy Number 29- A Mirror

Weasel has been demanding we brush her teeth lately, which is annoying when she’s been brushing her own, sometimes reluctantly, for over a year. So for my new trick I decided to appeal to her narcissistic side – mirrors! Well, her auntie mostly should get credit for this, having lifted her onto the counter to help see the mirror at Christmastime.

IMG_5115 (1)

Does it work? Well, it makes her REALLY want to brush her teeth at the sink instead of being a diva and demanding the toothbrush be brought to her in her bedroom/on the sofa/hiding in the utility room. This is mostly for pulling faces, but it did make me think – we look in mirrors when brushing our teeth, why should we expect they wouldn’t want to. Oops. Anyhow, it works a bit so it’s got to be worth a shot!

Yes, the tap is running. Yes, I am ashamed and would never leave it running myself. If anyone has any advice on explaining to Weasel why the tap should not be running (children in Sub-Saharan Africa without drinking water didn’t work, nor did the made up one that it killed polar bears), please tell me! In the mean time, here’s a creepy picture of her looking like Macaulay Culkin –



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