Wagamama Basingstoke – Good For Dancing According to Weasel

This would be time number four that Weasel has accompanied us to Wagamama‘s. And despite the fact that it is one of the noisiest restaurants at lunchtime, this would be the first time Weasel decided to be awake for the occasion. I think probably because it is such an awkward place for her to need to sleep in a pushchair next to the table that she does it to spite us.

So, obviously Wagamamas are everywhere, this time we visited the one in Basingstoke to grab some fuel for Christmas shopping. One advantage of this location? It’s not in a basement (woohoo, natural light! I feel spoilt after the darkness of the Covent Garden one) and there is a convenient ledge near the windows to prop shopping bags and sleeping infants unlike most of their branches I’ve been to. This ledge also helpfully serves as a great location for dancing to the music in your own head according to Weasel.



High chairs – the Phil & Ted clip on variety. Good, but Weasel wanted to stand on the bench beneath the whole time.

Changing facilities – We didn’t require them this time (we changed Weasel in the Debenhams and Baby Sister slept through most of the day), but they do exist and are the standard unisex/disable job.

Kids Menu – Quite a few options for both the adventurous and picky. Guess which one is ours? We went for roast chicken with noodles which came with an assortment of untouched vegetables. Just ask for some amazing wooden kiddie chopsticks.


And here’s the look for the camera that I think we’ll see much more of in her teenage years


Verdict: Definitely a good choice for toddlers as long as it’s not too crowded (so not a 1pm on the weekend, definitely aim early or late) so that you can fit your pushchair nearby. The variety of food and readiness of child accessories made us feel welcome. Your toddler will be attracted to that ledge. Let them dance to their heart’s content and have another Asahi!


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