Brica Corner Basket – Not Rubbish!

Pretty much all all devices to help my bathroom from looking like it’s been hit by a rampaging tornado seem to fail. Attached shelves to hold up my our way too many assorted bottles of shampoo, shower gel and random Boots Christmas set items seem to end up rusting, plastic shelves just remind me of Florida circa 1985 and anything with a suction cup lets me down within minutes, if not seconds, of entering my bathroom. It’s like suction cups enter my house and give up the will to live.

After experiencing other kids-filled houses’ bathrooms before having Weasel, I understood the importance of a good toy caddy. Stupidly I went for big and cheap (not the Brica, but this one).


This is not my photo, you can see, it actually appears to be stuck to the wall in this photo. Mine lived its short life tied to the corner shelves that rusted and were recycled a couple of months’ back.

So this time I didn’t use one-click ordering (it’s just deadly, isn’t it?! I’ve woken up to thank you emails from Amazon having purchased items from my wish list in my sleep on my phone. From Spain. Good times.), and actually bothered to read the reviews. I came up with the Brica (photo below) being the most recommended one with a large capacity. I just don’t have time for one that would hold less than one bath toy giftset.

Does it work? Well, it works better than the net bag for sure. No matter how much scrubbing and drying of the wall I do, the ‘Push-Lock’ suction cup on its right always makes a bid for freedom from the wall. But magically (and touch wood!) it hasn’t fallen off yet since the other cups seem to keep it up. Oh and the poor puffer fish who holds up the universe like a squished, squeaky version of Atlas.


And yes, that is an ice cream scoop. I have no idea why either.


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  1. chrisjones530 · · Reply

    That may be the first time I’ve ever read the phrase “squished, squeaky version of Atlas”. It shouldn’t be the last.

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