Gravel Enjoys His Wheelbarrow

A quick trip to Mothercare today to purchase some 3m+ bottle teats quickly turned into (as it always does) a polava when I remembered I had 2 kids’ birthday presents to buy (and chose the largest things I could find of course), really needed some wipes (oh look, that case of them is on offer!) and then realised the rattle I wanted to get Baby Sister for Christmas was reduced, woohoo! But what to keep Weasel happy whilst carting around all this crap (quality crap obviously) plus a hefalump in a Maxi Cosi? A wheelbarrow! Thank you Mothercare for leaving mobile, yet not very dangerous out that Weasel could play with. I would put a link to it, but it strangely isn’t on their own website, so here’s the closest thing on Amazon  and a lovely shot of the Gravmobile.


And also thank you nice cashier lady who saw my predicament and carried my stuff to my car 🙂 Now if you could just make Weasel go have a much needed nap that would be awesome. The whining is making my ears bleed.


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