Stay & Play – Farnham

A second soft play place in Farnham? Really? I had to admit I had never seen Stay & Play, but the internet assured me that it existed and was centrally located right behind Sainsbury’s. The website wasn’t particularly reassuring – artist’s impressions rather than photographs usually make me run a mile. But we gave it a go.

On arrival it didn’t bode well – nothing to do with the venue, more to the fact that we carried Weasel in completely asleep and when she woke up, all she wanted to do was hang out in the corner talking to the Gruffalo wall stickers. She was particularly keen on pointing out any bit that was even slightly ripped. Odd child.



Location – It is right next to Sainsburys for those forgotten items and is in the town centre. If you don’t take the long way round like we did through the creepy disused park and past the boarded up theatre (I kind of saw a whole new side of Farnham that day…), it’s a really short walk to parking.


Changing Facilities – Pretty good, and I should know, we had 3 nappy changes between the 2 kids within an hour, fun! It’s a separate disabled/baby changing toilet.

Food – Didn’t sample any this time as I’m trying to resist to drop some baby weight and there was the total chaos of a 7 year old’s birthday which had a large table near the food area. I avoided like the plague. Will try coffee some other time.

How does it rate for soft play? Good depth of ball pit (where Weasel spent about an hour) and nice big side by side slides. The birthday party were certainly enjoying themselves. Weasel also enjoyed the punching bags that had rabbit and badger faces on them, but unlike most other kids I’m certain, she wanted to hug them all.

Verdict: Definitely a good venue based on location, facilities and amount of comfy seating (sofas, woohoo!). Even on a Saturday afternoon and even with a birthday party, there was plenty of space for parentals to hang out and chat.



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