Gingerbread Bears!

I wasn’t meant to make gingerbread bears with Weasel, I was planning on the more traditional gingerbread men (which Weasel likes to shout ‘nom nom nom tasty men’ in Starbucks, leaving off the essential ‘gingerbread’ bit). But who can ever find the right cookie cutter when you need it? I always find the Easter ones at Christmas and the pumpkin ones in the spring. We found the bear at Christmas and so it was.

Recipe: I don’t have an old family recipe, no. I didn’t really grow up in a cooking household (hence my rebellion), so I turned to my favourite source of all knowledge, Google and went with the first recipe I had all the ingredients for. I must admit, I wasn’t 100% impressed with the outcome, so you might want to Google it yourself. Ours were a little hard (not improved by Husband thinking the timer was for the food on the stove and leaving the poor bears baking away until I noticed the error of his ways) and, even doubling the spices, I could have done with them being a little spicier. Not that any of this matters to Weasel. All that she wants to do is decorate them and then lick the icing off whilst watching The Gruffalo.


I made the call to bake the bears before hand to spare Weasel the agonising wait for baking and cooling. With edible glitter pens and the wrong size Smarties (forgive my foreigner’s mistake here, I didn’t know they came in 2 different sizes, so our bears have ginormous eyes, possibly better suited to be bear boobies, but I resisted the urge), we set to work. You can use the glitter pens as glue for any candy sticking you’d like to do.


Simple, easy, and gets your toddler in their favourite state- sticky – definitely something you need to do at Christmas. And you get to eat the 12 bears they didn’t decorate and the rest of the bag of Smarties once they’re in bed. Mwahaha.



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