We Have Been Mostly…

Sometimes I forget I have a blog now. Sometimes I forget to put a top on, when I last washed my hair or how I managed to scoff all that chocolate I bought last time I dragged my lazy-ass to the supermarket. So the blogging forgetfulness is certainly the least of my worries! Yes, the joys of a newborn will hopefully pass quick although I’m sure I’ll miss these days when they’re gone. One could argue I should work out how to use the WordPress App for the iPad properly and then my inability to get to my desktop would be irrelevant, but that would require tearing myself away from Homes Under the Hammer and Come Dine With Me. I’m just not sure I can do that yet.

So what has Weasel been up to recently? A lot of telly watching (whilst raiding Baby Sister’s toys mostly) – we should hang our heads in shame for sure. But with my ability to drive restored, I now just need to build up the courage to drag a reluctant toddler (screaming that it’s her pram, not baby sister’s) and a newborn with a yowl like a cat in heat around exciting attractions and restaurants. Stay tuned….



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